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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everett M. Bennett

Imagine your life boiled down to the contents of a cardboard box, but that is how I started a new journey with Everett Marshall Bennett. In early 2010, as we were finishing the Henry County Heritage Book at the Bassett Historical Center, David Minter brought a box of material to me at the “Best Little Library in Virginia” with the idea it would make a good book. In fact, David brought enough material for several books that we hope to work on over the next few years. I found an FM17-12, a War Department Field Manual dated July 10, 1944 about “Tank Gunnery.” The box had War Ration Book #4 including stamps for coffee and other materials rationed during World War Two. There was a photo album with many images of occupied Berlin and even postcards from Germany. There were a few photos from Korea during Bennett’s service there and a ration card he used during his time in Asia. There were letters from people who wrote to a young man from Henry County about a magazine cover. It was that image that jumped out to me as the young man was on the cover of Life Magazine, Everett M. Bennett from February 10, 1947. Mr. Bennett served in occupied Berlin in the U. S. Army serving the 28th Constabulary, returned home to Henry County, went back into the U. S. Army in Korea serving in the 1092nd Engineering Regiment, and came home again to Martinsville, married and worked for decades at the Rives Road Grocery beside the Martinsville Novelty. On January 1, 1947 Life photographer Walter Sanders took Bennett’s photo and over 20 million people saw this young twenty year old, who grew up at Penn’s Store and went to Spencer-Penn High School. Stayed tune loyal readers for more…

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  1. Great story Tom-- I can't wait for more details!